Broadly speaking, I study how animals adapt to environmental changes. Because behavior largely determines how animals interact with their environments, I am particularly interested in studying how behavior shapes ecological and evolutionary processes when animal populations confront novel environmental challenges.


Picture from Day’s Edge Productions

On one hand, I study the evolutionary patterns generated by past environmental changes. To do this, I adopt retrospective approaches using comparative phylogenetic methods.

On the other hand, I aim to unravel the mechanisms by which animals deal with new selective regimes. To do this, I am conducting manipulative experiments using small Caribbean islands. By experimentally manipulating the selective pressures on these particular ‘test tubes’ I study changes in both behavior and morphology across generations.

I am currently a Beatriu de Pinós postdoctoral fellow in the Losos lab at Harvard University. I am also a National Geographic Explorer.

I completed my PhD with Daniel Sol at CREAF with a thesis entitled “Behavioral changes and adaptive diversification of pigeons and doves”.

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